Custom-Tailored Software That Grows Your Organization

Software should boost your productivity rather than hurt it

Focus On What matters
Empower Your Team
End The Friction

Your Team Is Exhausted By What Could Be Simple Tasks

You've Tried Everything - late nights, lots of apps, complex systems, even hiring another person - but nothing works simply.

Empower Your Team To Focus On What's Important

Ditch The Hassle

Stop wasting time with error-filled spreadsheets or too many apps and instead focus on the most important tasks.

Save Time With Automation

Automating your common tasks saves time for your team while boosting productivity and reducing errors.

Train Everyone Well

Our Training and Adoption Validation ensures everyone on your team knows how to use your new solution every day.

Are You Tired Of Dealing With:

Long Exhausting Workflows?
Too Much Copy & Paste?
Outdated Systems?
Error-Filled Spreadsheets?
Reports That Take Too Much Work?
Late Nights Just To Keep Up?

You Deserve A Simple System Your Team Will Actually Use!

"Compiling our program data used to mean hours and hours of time spent in a spreadsheet and not focusing on high-value tasks! The spreadsheets also failed to give decision-making insight into our data. After 2x4Lab implemented their solution, we are now able to view current data in ways we have never been able to do before! Additionally, they guided us through how to continue to get more out of the software. After I built a dashboard for our development team, one co-worker told me, 'this is not only something that I have wanted here at Water4 but my whole career’. It felt amazing!"

- Jordan Campbell, Programs Manager @ Water4

We Get It - Custom Tailored Software Is A Big Step

We believe you deserve a software solution that actually works for you — one that empowers your team to take your organization to the next level. To do this quickly and efficiently, we have the best technology partnership on the planet. Quick Base helps us avoid reinventing the wheel and instead get to your custom-tailored solution faster.

Our Custom-Tailored Plan

1. Schedule A Call

We'll talk and sketch ideas during this whiteboard call to see if we're a good fit.

2. Listen, Plan, Build

Our project experts listen for your team's obstacles and walk you through every step of our comprehensive process to plan and build a custom-tailored software solution.

3. Launch Your Software

With our 12 week onboarding plan, your team gets a powerful new solution and easy training that helps everyone adopt and succeed.

Here's To The next Level

Imagine your team when they're no longer wasting time with error-filled spreadsheets and instead they're empowered to focus on the important tasks that grow your organization.

At 2x4 Lab, we know you want to take your organization to the next level but you and your team are exhausted by what could be simple tasks. That’s why we custom-tailor software solutions that reduce friction and make your work easier.

No matter your organization’s current size, the path to your next level is through a custom-tailored software solution from 2x4 Lab.

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